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no buy july 2019

July 1, 2019

Hello! The sun is out, summer has begun, and now I have finished up all my internships I can officially make my way into the abyss with my newly updated CV in hand and absolutely no-where to go.

On Thursday, I’ll be returning to Bristol to move back in with my parents (hopefully not for too long), which is super scary, but I am so ready to rest and have some space to sort my life out in terms of housing and jobs.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’m trying to improve my shopping habits. I’ve realised recently that a big part of why I enjoy shopping is the thrill of buying stuff, rather than actually needing anything new, which just creates waste.

When I’m bored, I shop. When I’m sad, I shop. When it’s sunny, I’ll shop. It’s an ongoing cycle, and I know that moving out of my student house and losing the structure of university is going to make me want to use shopping as a distraction, which isn’t healthy.

I won’t bore you with all the reasons when I’ve already outlined them before, but I’ve decided to give #nobuyjuly a go this year.

These are my rules:
  • I’m not allowed to buy any new clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, homeware, books – anything that isn’t a necessity.

By doing this, I’m hoping I’ll learn to love what I already own, work out what I actually need, and save a bit of money as I do it.

  • I am allowed to buy pre-owned items e.g. from vintage shops or charity shops, but nothing from online stores or Depop.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is to be more environmentally friendly, so if it isn’t new then it’s not having an impact on the planet. But, I don’t want to produce any more waste, so I’m only going to buy items if I genuinely think I’ll use them, and they’ll fit into my wardrobe. Buying stuff online is always a risk because it might not fit, and it uses up fuel and plastic.

  • I can still buy food (lol)

Someone actually asked me this when I said I was going to do #nobuyjuly, so I thought I’d throw it in there for clarity. And yes, this means I will be going to restaurants.

Moving out of my house and going back home to Bristol means I really need to cut down on how much stuff I own, so doing this will help me use up plastic items I bought ages ago like cling film and plastic sandwich bags, so in future I can make switches to plastic-free, more sustainable products like bees wax food wraps.

Wish me luck!

Are you going to take part in anything this July? Let me know in the comments.

Sophie x

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