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#nobuyjuly debrief

August 1, 2019

Hello fellow friends. As August sweeps in, we can say goodbye to #nobuyjuly, and hello to a new month of me being able to buy whatever I want. Hoorah.


If you didn’t read my blog post about No Buy July, you can read it here, but basically, I avoided buying any new items for a month. This included clothes, makeup, skincare, homeware etc etc.

I thought this would be a good challenge for me as I could work out what I usually spend my money on and what my motives are behind shopping. In the most basic terms, buying new items increases your carbon footprint as everything takes energy to create, so I’m trying to cut down on what I buy and curate my wardrobe a bit more.

This month confirmed something I knew already – I shop when I’m bored. I did know that already but it was incredible how often I found myself scrolling through ASOS, even though I knew I couldn’t buy anything. It is an addiction! and it needs to end. But still, I managed to refrain from making an actual purchase.

Over the entire month I made two new purchases – a nail polish for graduation, and a reusable water bottle. I was pretty proud of myself for not buying a new dress for graduation, against the constant appeals of my mother. She even said she’d buy it for me, but still, I was strong.

Instead, I went through my wardrobe and found a cute summer dress which I’d never worn before! So, buying something new would have been such a waste.

Although I didn’t buy any new clothes, I did buy some second-hand items from the charity shop. Over the month I got a playsuit, a dress, a jewellery box and three books. All of which came to about £11.50, so I’m very happy with my purchases.

As I’m moving house at the end of the month, this challenge has been really helpful with preventing me from buying random homeware that I don’t need. Homeware is my vice. TK Maxx’s homeware section is like a drug to me, especially now I have an alright reason to buy new homeware.

I’m going to try to keep up with this challenge until I actually move into my new house, so I can move everything I already own in and see what I actually need, rather than just buying everything and anything, and then not even having space for it.

I’d really recommend giving this a go, just to see why you normally shop. It gives you a chance to see what you actually need and allows you to try other places first e.g. charity shops or Facebook marketplace.  

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