my veggie guide to Birmingham

August 16, 2019

Hello all! Since becoming vegetarian I’ve been on the hunt for delicious veggie meals in Brum, so I thought I’d collate my favourite spots for anyone unsure of where to get a good plant-based meal. All the places I’ve listed offer vegan alternatives and are places I genuinely love to visit, so why not have a browse.

Tiger Bites Pig

(Stephenson Street)

This tiny restaurant never fails on taste. Their vegan bao bun is filled with lightly battered tofu and juicy aubergine, and the bun itself is soft and bouncy, yet light enough to let the tofu really shine. All for £4.50.

Their rice bowls (£8) are also fantastic and can be veganised, if you let them know. With pickles and delicious greens, these bowls are incredibly satisfying and varied in flavour. If you’re visiting with a friend, I’d recommend getting a bao each and then sharing a rice bowl.

The atmosphere of the place is really special. The staff are very relaxed and friendly, and the chefs make your food in front of you, so you can watch. I’ve eaten here alone before and never felt weird about it – the food is quick to make, and you can sit by the window,people watch and just enjoy your delicious bao. Read Bite Your Brum’s post about the best places to eat alone for more like this.

Falafel Munch

(Digbeth/Selly Oak)

Falafel Munch is my absolute go-to lunch spot. I used to live a 2-minute walk from their place in Selly Oak, and I made it a weekly stop for quite some time. A medium falafel wrap (£3) acted as my hangover food throughout third year because I thought eating something healthy after a night of drinking would counteract the terrible damage to my organs. Turns out it just means your vomit turns a hearty shade of falafel green. So, that ended.

The fact that I still go there after that dramatic experience says a lot. Their falafel is probably the best I’ve had, and their tahini dressing is a gift from the gods. I think they have a few branches dotted about, so if you see one, give it a go and make that little vegan heart of yours sing.

The Indian Streatery

(Bennetts Hill/Bullring)

With a newly opened branch in the centre of the Bullring, there’s really no excuse to not check out The Indian Streatery’s veggie eats. Their lunch menu is reasonably priced at £4.95/£5.95 and their food is always fantastic. Most of their veggie options can be veganised if you remove the yoghurt, and they offer a vegan hotpot, so there’s something for everyone.  

This place is all about variety. Get yourself a few different curries, a roti, the masala fries (without the yog if you’re vegan), and some rice. Sounds like a lot, I know, but it’s all so well priced that this huge meal won’t break the bank by any means. My personal favourites are the vegetable kofta curry, which is “meaty” and full of flavour, with a rich tomato sauce, and their dhal’s as they’re aromatic and simple. I’ve been here a few times and there’s still so much I want to try! Their menu really is amazing.

Natural Bar and Kitchen

(Suffolk Street Queensway)

A vegan staple. Their a la carte menu isn’t particularly mind-blowing, but their buffet offers a range of simple vegan dishes which you can pile onto a plate and pay depending on how much it weighs. It’s one of those places where the staff just seem a little too happy, but if you can get past that then this is a great lunch spot for an easy plant-based meal.

Digbeth Dining Club

(Lower Trinity Street)

Digbeth Dining Club is a wondrous haven of street food. Every Thursday they have vegan stalls so you can try out whatever takes your fancy. The fairy lights, the live music, and the general Digbeth vibe makes going here a real event, and I love it when my evenings out revolve entirely around food.

There is an entry fee, and the food can be a little on the expensive side, but I’d say it’s worth it to support local independents and try something you might not have had before.


(St Martin’s Square/Brindleyplace)

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but Wagamama’s vegan menu is seriously good and very reliable. I’m always skeptical about tofu but this mushroom and tofu ramen was a dream. Very filling, with a nice building spice, and very thick udon noodles. I am not ashamed of Wagamamas making it onto this list, it’s not too expensive, the staff are always friendly, and there’s a lot to choose from.

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