Hi, hello there, hey.

I’m Sophie, a native Bristolian and soon-to-become English literature graduate from the University of Birmingham. At my weary 21 years of age, I’ve developed a deep love for watching vegan cooking videos even though I’m not vegan, and then talking to people about the videos as if I were vegan. On top of that rather encompassing habit, I like cooking, bouldering, books, and the colour green.

enjoy this very common image of me wearing something green.

After uni I’m hoping to go into PR and social media marketing. Blogging has been a really amazing hobby for me, inspiring me and motivating me to improve my writing and get creative everyday.

Wow that sounded cheesy.

But, seriously, I am really enjoying this little thing I call my blog, so thanks for even bothering to read this far. Y’all lovely.

Ty x


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